Be your own muse.

My name is Kerri Lowe - but you can call me KAYLO. 

KAYLO stands for Keep All Young Loves Open. It's my favorite childhood nickname, but more importantly, it's my reminder to be the brave, passionate, outspoken girl I was when I was young. The girl I was before the world taught me that I should concentrate on becoming worthy of being a man's muse, the camera's muse, or some idea of the perfect woman's muse. Because after trying all of those things with little true identity or voice to show for it....I started becoming my own muse. 


Explore. Create. Challenge. 


I'm a solo performer, spoken word poet & story coach. I create autobiographical works of art on stage and online - and help my clients do the same. 

When I was at New York University for acting school, I had an epiphany (okay, okay - an identity crisis)...I realized that I had fallen in love with acting because it was an escape, a glimpse into someone else's truth. But what I really needed and desired, was to start speaking my own truth.

I began producing what I would now call a series of personal projects. Artistic creations - from music albums, to one woman shows, to spoken word poetry, video diaries and site-specific performance and monologues - that used my life and my experiences as inspiration for radical truth-telling. The kind that makes people uncomfortable. Not for shock value - but for releasing and overcoming shame, for myself and the audience alike.

I have developed a few processes over the years that help me speak, write and perform authentically - from the Explore, Create, Challenge method of completing personal projects to a system called GUMPTION that preps an individual for speaking or performing something risky and personal on stage. I am beginning to use these methods with my clients as I continue my own creative work and my work producing online courses and web projects behind-the-scenes. 


To express my experience of life authentically and help others do the same. To speak up when I have been trained to be silent, to take risks when I have been told to play it safe, to build a solid foundation of discipline and systems that support the creative life my clients and I aspire to. To find the grain of sand in everything, that irritating itch that makes us pursue questions and projects that make the journey of being alive an worthwhile one. To come clean, cause the cleaner I get is the messiest yet. 


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"When a woman tells the truth she is creating the possibility for more truth around her."            

- Adrienne Rich